Amanuensis (amanuensis1) wrote,

hbp_chapters : Ready to go!


A Chapter-by-chapter Discussion Group for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

For those who would like to discuss HBP as they go without rushing through the book! (Well, relatively speaking.)

hbp_chapters is designed to promote discussion for each chapter, while avoiding spoilers for any subsequent chapters. To this end, I implore you to read the User Info before joining the community. Posts will not be locked, but only members will be able to make comments.

Presently there are 40 posts for 40 potential chapters. I suspect this will be more than are needed, so, once I know for certain how many chapters there are, I'll delete the unnecessary posts.

If there are any questions, please comment here. There is also a question post on the community, but you must be a member before you can comment there. (I am gladly soliciting any suggestions for rewrites of the User Info if people think anything is unclear.)
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