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I know it's not polite to grumble, but the concept of ithurtsmybrain, a/k/a The Random Crossover Pairing Challenge List From Hell, makes me giggle so much that I find it a pity the comm relaxed its guidelines to allow one to write the pairing even if it's non-romantic. Now, I ask you, what kind of challenge is that? Sure, I can get the Scrat from Ice Age and Rizzo from Grease together in a story--the least experienced lame Mary Sue writer on can do that. (This is actually challenge #159, by the way.) But get them to kiss? Implied boffing? Explicit boffing? Shoot, I live for that.

If I do claim any of those challenges, they're gonna end up with an R rating at the least. You guys hold me to that, okay?
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