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Schedule for The Witching Hour

At this point it almost feels like a meme! But here's what I've been looking at on The Witching Hour schedule, and a little of the informal schedule too.

The key thing is that I want to see PEOPLE. The lovelies I've met before and those of you I haven't yet. And once I find you I'm likely to fluctuate between Rat and Pied Piper--i.e., either "Where're you guys going? Cool, I'll go with you," or "We're all clueless? Okay, this panel sounds good; let's all go who wants and arrange to call or meet back here in two hours." If it means forgoing a lot of scheduled events then I'm not worried.

Thursday at 6pm there is a gathering of hp_dungeons fen at the Hawthorne, and I'm going to try to make that. I do want to go to the pornish_pixies meet-up at 10pm at the Salem BeerWorks, so, I'll see if I can do both.

On Friday there's two panels at 9am in the Salem Waterfront Ballrooms: the Fanfiction and the Fanart panels. How do ya choose? I suspect I'll go into the one and slip into the other partway through. I really want to meet certain artists (glockgal, waccawheels, fiendling, you know who you are) and if I can catch them at that panel, then I've found them early and don't have to wait until their Art Booths later. (But maybe you guys will be at the pornish_pixies get-together? Be there, be there!)

The 9am-noon Writing and Art Booth, the 2pm Beta panel, and the 3pm panel on Snape and Loyalty sound intriguing, and because I'm sure to be limpet-clingy to cluegirl I plan to be at her 5pm reading at the Hawthorne hotel library. Clue, look for me before you leave for it!

Come evening there's a gathering at 9pm at Engine House Pizza (ooh, pizza, who wants to try a salami pizza with me?) for Snarry fans. Is it just me or is everyone else sort of hoping the mundanes at the locations will be eavesdropping and going all wide-eyed at the topic of conversation?

Saturday has another host of intriguing-looking panels, I'll list them here:

9am: Slash (Ballroom 1)
9am: Ethics of fanfiction (Ballroom 2)
10am: Snape's Ambiguity (Ballroom 1)
11am: Snape, fanfiction, and ambiguity (Ballroom 1)
11:25 am: Queerness & Knowledge PoA (PEM Auditorium)
9-4pm: Writing and art booth (B&G Club Games room)
3pm: OTP (B&G Club Media room)
3pm: Metaphorical Queerness (Universalist Church Sanctuary)
4pm: Fanfiction vs. Original fic (Ballroom 1)
8pm: Auction (I don't know what's being auctioned but, hey, I don't want to miss something good!)

There's a dinner at 6pm for hp_dungeons (and the menu looks good!).

Sunday, same drill:

1pm: Slash as literary endeavor (Ballroom 1)
1pm: Fanfiction, Snape, sex (SS/HG) (Hawthorne hotel library)
3pm: het, feminism in m/m slash fandom (Ballroom 1)
Noon-4pm: Writing and art booth 2pm: Snape's appeal
4pm: Romance in book 6

(ETA: The ball's Sunday night, not Saturday! Der. Not quite sure where but I've got the dress. Don't have the ticket yet, owing to my oversight, but I 'll get one when I get there.)

I haven't ruled out the meet-up at the Salem Beer Works at 5pm: it's aimed at Snape/Draco fans but, hey, I might go for the company.

One last thing: if you're on a panel and using your real name I might not know who you are! Don't be upset if I've overlooked you in that case. Give me usernames; I'm better with those. (Even those don't always look right if they're not in blue, lowercase, with a little person-picture preceding them.)

And yes, I'll have about 4 dozen "Yes, I'm here for the slash" buttons. Look for my default icon on a button (or maybe taped to my nametag) (and it'll be a black-and-white picture because my color printer hasn't had a software upgrade made for it since Mac OS 9, damn Epson anyway) and hit me up for one. ^_^
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