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Someone's at the door. (Please let it be the UPS guy with my copy!)

It's here on DVD at last, and I can plug it.

Another of those "too good for television, only ran one season" shows, yes. I'm asking all of you with even the littlest bit of interest to give American Gothic a try. Put it on your Netflix queue, ask for the boxed set for Chrismukkahwanza, whatever--give me the pleasure of having you discover the moan-inducing joy that is Lucas Buck, the most seductive devil-on-earth bastard ever to own a small town.

I'm going to quote Bruce Webster's summary straight from the Amazon page ('cause why mess with excellence):

Like "Firefly", "American Gothic" is a unique, outstanding series never given a chance by its network (CBS, in this case). It was also probably the most chilling and disturbing series ever to air, a stark morality tale with Gary Cole as the Devil incarnate (or a close kin), disguised as Sheriff Lucas Buck of the small town of Trinity, SC. Buck rules over his little kingdom with morbid humor and playfulness, setting up moral pitfalls and dilemmas for the town's inhabitants, and dispensing his own brand of justice or vengance or just plain meanness--which often involves ruin, insanity, dismemberment, or death.

Opposing Buck is young Caleb Temple (played by Lucas Black), an orphan who talks regularly to his dead sister Merlyn and who has powers of his own--and who may or may not be Buck's son. Buck wants Caleb to follow him; Merlyn wants Caleb to resist; and the rest of Trinity gets caught in the crossfire, so to speak.

Watching Lucas Buck prey on pretty little Gail Emory (and wishing I were in her shoes) is still one of the highlights of my randy imagination. Go watch, darlin'.
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