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Fic Rec: Parallax by violetisblue and jonquil (Doctor Who-verse, Doctor/Master, BDSM)

Have found more BDSM porn with which to fall in love. Doctor Who universe fic titled Parallax (link goes to the first of three parts), by violetisblue and jonquil, a long lovely talky PWP of gorgeous BDSM proportions, Doctor/Master, and there are no obvious tops or bottoms in this thing, because nobody brings the crazy like Time Lords, good or bad. Because it's PWP, you really don't have to fret about whether you know the fandom, if you're looking for tasty BDSM erotica. Here's an excerpt:

"I'm finished arguing with you, Doctor," I announce, not turning around. "You will remain here for a predefined period, not nearly long enough to starve or lose circulation to those elegant hands--not even as long as it would take to listen to one of your pretty brainless girl-children make a nauseating speech about true love. If, before that set period elapses, you press the button on that communicator and say my name, then I shall come and do to you whatever I please, because it pleases me, and whether or not it pleases you. And I shall do this by your command and with your consent. If the set period elapses without your pressing that button, your restraints will open and you will be free to climb to the surface; your shirt is in the outer hallway."

Go read.
Tags: dw, fic rec
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