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But let's get a better name for it than Dindlewald, shall we?

Sometimes the internet is especially worth waking up to.

Bless her. I've been shipping Dumbledore/Grindlewald since I read DH. And now I'm wondering how many of us will still be so eager to say "Author interviews don't count," without adding, ", unless I want them to!" which has pretty much been my stance all along.

And this is one I wouldn't have expected to see revealed in the text, either, because it wouldn't have furthered the plot, it'd've stopped it cold. No place to put it. And that's saying something in a novel as scattered-structured as DH, whoof. Hard to admit that sort of revelation--a theme that ordinarily would have made me squee--would probably have had me yelling, "Shut up already about Dumbledore's effing history, woman! You've bored me to death with it already!"
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