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REC: Snarry artist spicysteweddemon

Oh, my, where has this person been hiding? spicysteweddemon (the link goes to to her deviantart profile) is a Snarry fan who's produced numerous pictures of Snarry art in a whimsical, colorful style. This and this are examples of her pretty, stylized Snarry, while this and this form a more dramatic diptych. Though my favorite, for sheer angst-sluttishness, is this wonderful sketch. My suggestion is to go through her whole gallery, 'cos there's a lot to see.

Her non-HP art has many media-inspired sources, too--I was tickled to see a picture featuring a scene from the Russian fairy tale Vassilissa the Beautiful, which I've actually referenced in my own journal once.
Tags: art rec, snarry
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