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"Where's the apple-flavored Mountain Dew?" "In the fridge, duh!"

I've watched the first episode of Death Note with the English dub, to see if the dub was enjoyable, 'cos I love this series so much I'd like to experience it every way available. I think it's well done, but I'm not so happy with Ryuk's voice. Not that the actor isn't good, it just makes Ryuk a different guy. Japanese-voice Ryuk sounds like the kind of lazy good-for-nothing friend of yours that lies on your sofa eating your Cheetos and watching your cable, but you let him hang around because he's fun to play Gran Turismo with and he never asks you when you're gonna clean the place up. English-voice Ryuk, on the other hand, is not a friend but he's this guy a friend of a friend of yours knows, and you never ever hang out with him because they say he has mob ties and drives around with three shotguns and a drum of kerosene in his car trunk, and you only call him if you have to get rid of a body, and he says, "I'll meet you at ninth and Gateridge; bring fifty feet of garden hose and $8000," and while you're still saying, "Where the f**k am I gonna get $8000 and garden hose at this time of night?" he's already hung up on you and is heading over.

So, um, yeah. Different.
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