Amanuensis (amanuensis1) wrote,

My life is complete

Just wanted to mention how happy I am that I finally got my hands on an ish of the December 2001 Esquire. You know, the one with the excerpt of Harry/Draco slash under the "Man At His Best" section?

Reprinted here:

Harry Potter Scene You Won't See in the Movie

"And the next thing Harry knew he was kissing Draco, desperately, holding him closer than he had ever done before, with hot tears wet on his face, his or Draco's he didn't know, probably both"
-From one of a growing number of Web sites devoted to sexually adventurous fan fiction about Harry Potter

Isn't it nice they picked an elegant one? Could have been one of those "Gulping, Harry bent over Snape's desk..." bits...
(not that I dislike those scenes, but let's start slowly!)
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