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"You know, this isn't Lysistrata. I LIKE it, but it isn't Lysistrata."

Torchwood, I'm just 13 episodes away from finishing Avatar and I'm also trying very hard to get some writing done; did you have to have a mini-marathon this week? You couldn't have checked my schedule first? Nooooo, you couldn't, could you. I can't even save the episodes for later because I won't be able to read half my flist's posts, that's all anyone's talking about.

But Children of Earth is a great deal of fun. Shouldn't be complaining. I'm a little bewildered as to why everyone thinks it's the best Torchwood stuff evar; it's typical, solid Torchwood to me, which means it's fun and you've got to turn off your brain a bit and eat up the Captain Jack Bi-fabulous fanservice as it comes. Which I've never had a problem doing for Torchwood. MOAR BOYKISSING POPCORN PLZ.
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