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Halloween Pumpkin 2009

I didn't carve my Halloween pumpkin this year until the 31st!

This is the original screencap that I chose:

Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji

And this is how the pumpkin came out (unretouched photo!):

This is what I did with it to make the screencap a template, playing with the saturation and brightness in Photoshop:

Here's the finished pumpkin in normal light, without being lit from within:

And, again, the finished product.

I leveled up this year in pumpkin carving; this is the first time I've gone for pumpkin scraping in different levels of layers, without cutting all the way through anywhere. It was a trickier learning curve, but seeing the results, it's darned rewarding, and I'm going to keep at this technique.
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