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So late to the Inception party there aren't even shrimp tails left. (No real spoilers.)

Soooo...I finally saw Inception. And I loved it, of course. It's exactly my kind of twisty fantasy film and I love how it doesn't merely invite discussion, it lies back spreadeagled and says, "Go wild." And at the same time it flips the bird at argument, saying, "There is no one right way to interpret this so don't actually fight about it."

I am, however, surprised that all the fic pairing labels I've seen for this fandom are all Arthur/Eames when I have now learned that Leonardo DiCaprio's character is named neither of those. Nor is Cillian Murphy's, nor Ken Watanabe's. Though I get why--those two are characters who particularly invite you to speculate on their origins and fates. But I still think I would write Cobb/Saito or Cobb/Fischer if I wrote anything.

I cannot believe that I watch fandomsecrets and still managed to stay completely unspoiled for this movie. Serious paranoia scrolling worked.
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