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One the one that's all alone and ever more shall be so

Yuletide fic is finished! I should be banned from writing in that style; it's criminally easy for me to slip into that kind of voice. The format, though, is one I don't think I've tried before, so that was enough to give me gleeful cackles.

Writing for these small Yuletide fandoms gives me the sense of That's it; there is no other story I can ever write for this fandom; that was the behind-the-scenes tale I wanted to see told, and that's all I have for it, even if I didn't really have any idea what behind-the-scenes tale I wanted to write for that fandom until the recipient requested it. Somehow just one story solidifies, and I feel as if know that's the only one I can write for that fandom ever; the wad is shot. Does that happen to anyone else?
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