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Ooh, I'm in troooouuuuuble...

Whoa, I am in serious trouble, I see. I've had two Fatwahs (is that the plural?) declared on me because of non-friending back. I'm guessing that's something like a Jihad. It would appear that the Fatwah can be nullified by remedying the non-friending--that is, friending--but I'm told the paperwork to cancel a Fatwah is a real bitch. Sorry, guys!

(I friend at a much slower pace these days because the friendslist has gotten so big; one day of inactivity equals skip=180 for me. So if I haven't friended you back I might not have realized you've friended me, or I might not have gotten around to it yet, or you might just not post enough Harry Potter-pertinent stuff for me, which is why I lj. And I don't check my "friends of" list obsessively to see that it's growing, or has BNF's on it--I figure I have neuroses enough. So if you really need to get my attention, I guess you can declare a Fatwah. But remember that paperwork!)
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