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First pic I've made with this new version of Photoshop Elements. It don't make me Ansel Adams.

Avengers fiction in progress: some fluffy Clint/Natasha and some Tony!whump. Contrasts please the muse.

In today's edition of JR: PLR, I'm amazed that of all the Renner career screencaps I've seen (I've been on tumblr nonstop; I've seen a LOT), I haven't seen any of this particular scene from Love Comes to the Executioner (a 2006 oddball dark comedy also featuring Ginnifer Goodwin), displaying a shirtless Jeremy clutching a booze flask and an anal plug. How is this not on every single tumblr? I ask you. You'll have to just deal with my less-than-refined screencap/enhance skills.

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