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I did it, but I did an even greater thing: I recognized my own mediocrity.

Here's the god's truth: I did it. I got the third fic-- the second Harry/Sirius-- written in one long sitting today.

It does NOTHING for me.

'M not posting it.

It isn't very long, just 1500 words, and therefore no great tragedy if it does not get posted.

I loved the plotbunny, but the truth is, I just had nothing interesting or original or deeply smutty to say about it. Yes, there are a few good lines, and the smut isn't completely unmoving, but here is, as they say, the clincher:

I love all my stories, I admit it. Every one I write is written because I am passionate about the idea. When they're done, I love re-reading them. When I finish a story, it's immediately my favorite of all the stories I've written so far, y'know what I mean?

This one, I can barely be bothered to look at for spelling. Gah.

I write for me, and if I am not titillated by it... whoa.

Beta tester looked at it and gave pointers for how it could be more interesting-- maybe even written as a different POV-- but pointed out what seemed to be missing and agreed: it's a good story as it stands, but not great.

So, I'll have only one fic for this wave of Canis Major (Harry/Sirius). Oh well.

But I happen to think that one's a goodie. ^_^ That, and the Harry/Lucius.

Look for "No Happy Memories" and "Droit Du Seigneur" to be posted tomorrow on their respective Yahoo groups. I'll post links.

I think it is a moment of maturity that I recognized a mediocre fic of mine and said "No" to it. Go me.
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