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On the whole Anne Rice thingy...

For years, I've still counted myself an Anne Rice fan. Not going to be a hypocrite here; I loved The Vampire Lestat (though not Interview With a Vampire--Louis was such a whiner) and Queen of the Damned, and found The Witching Hour enthralling. And then there are the Beauty books; ye gods, I don't think I would be a smut writer if it hadn't been for those. I read 'em in college, and it was one of those life epiphanies: people write this and people read this and, yes, people DO like this, just like me. Kinky, explicit, and just so good.

It's telling that I can't really remember what happened in a good percentage of her other Lestat and Mayfair Witches books, but I didn't think they were pieces of s**t--just mediocre. Most of them are on my shelf; I think I gave up around Pandora, deciding that the mediocrity had at last lost me, oh well.

I'd heard she's rejected editing for a number of years, which has made me say, "And it shows." I was also aware that she doesn't want fanfiction written of her universes, which I have always thought a pretentious attitude--you can't control people's creativity or fantasies, and as long as they're not making money off your creation, why should you care?

But for sheer gasket-blowing...I swear, I was all on the "Wait, wait, are we SURE this is really her?" side of things, because the sheer god. I've been waiting for the news item from Rice's agent refuting that that was her posting. Hasn't happened. I guess I'm the naïve one.

Does it stop me from being an Anne Rice fan?

Well, let me put it this way. People don't usually say, "I'm a Laurence Olivier movie fan." Or, "I'm a JK Rowling book fan." Or, to carry the thing ad nauseum, a Tori Amos song fan, or a Georgia O'Keefe picture fan, etc. They just say, "I'm a (person) fan." It's only when that person starts being offensive as a person that those qualifications come in--I'm a fan of Orson Scott Card's fiction; I'm a fan of Eminem's music.

But it's an odd, unconventional phrasing. When I used to say, "I'm an Anne Rice fan," did that mean I loved the lady herself? No, of course not; I didn't know her from Fried Rice. But everyone knew what I meant.

So, no, there will be no back-turning on books I know and love just because the lady's gone postal. Anyone want to come in here and sigh over how much fun Lestat was as The Brat Prince, and how much we wanted to be Rowan Mayfair, and how effing sexy the Tristan/Nicolas stuff was, please come right in, I have hot cider and pie waiting.
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