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Stuff up at The Restricted Section...

Oh, goody, The Restricted Section has some new postings!

First, my stuff: for those of you who have been waiting to read No Happy Memories or Fait Accompli somewhere other than a Yahoo! group, they're up.

No Happy Memories (Harry/Sirius, angst angst angst)

Fait Accompli (Harry/Draco, sequel to Droit Du Seigneur, both angsty and romantic)

Also, some plugs for stuff I beta'd:

gmth wrote a wonderfully hot Snarry called Conversation With A Stranger. Harry and Snape in a relationship and Harry wants to spice it up. Snape has his reasons why Harry's enthusiasm might not be so infectious. They talk. And do more. Yum! I love that Gina can write such great Lucius and then can switch gears and write great Snape too. And her Harry's always so Harry! (She credits me on the beta but really, it was all there at the beginning, I only encouraged her to nudge some bits around.) Go look!

And this one I have to admit I'm terribly proud of, because I think it was my enthusiasm that caused this one to be born. Sobriquet, who betas a lot of my stories, finally wrote a full-length Potterverse smut story! And I got to beta it and it's REALLY delicious! Drinks For The House is a gem of a tale. Kinky, sarcastic, romantic, cruel, funny... Yes, I KNOW, it's HET, and you're all going EWWW, but trust me on this one, go read it just for the dead-on hilarious characterization of Snape if you can't do it for the smut! Snape has a handful of sixth-years doing advanced potioning (including Harry, Hermione, and Draco) and it brings out the worst in some of them, and eventually the best. Go look!
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