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More musings on staying spoiler-free.

I know I don't have to write a post on why I don't want spoilers for most books and films and especially HBP--no one's asking me, "But why don't you want spoilers? OMG you're a total skank if you don't want them"--not wanting spoilers is assumed to be the default, y'know. It's not like anyone has to defend their position.

But just so it's said, the reasons I really don't want them is because spoilers are by definition taking the surprises out of context, and it's the context that makes the story work or not work. I trust Rowling. I was all ready to 'ship Harry/Cho halfway through OotP, and was also satisfied to abandon that same 'ship as soon as the two parted ways with a "never-to-be" finality at the end of the book. If you'd told me that the twins would leave school or that Harry would be banned from Quidditch before the book's release, I'd have been screeching, "NOOOO! That effing sucks; the twins should stay in school and get their bloody education and grounding Harry like that is just WRONG." But as the book unfolded, it worked. And when Sirius fell through the veil, my heart was torn right out with Harry's in horror and shock a way it couldn't have if I'd known it was coming. Which was awful but was the intention of Rowling's story.

If you tell me [NOTE: NOT spoilers here, just supposings] that Sirius will never play another part in Harry's life, or that Remus dies, or that Draco will never gain any more significant role than he has to date, or that Ginny is Harry's great love...tell me any of those things right now [please don't] and I'll be all "Oh, bollocks," and on the hateful defensive for the unfolding of each of these things. But show them to me in context and I just may buy them hooklineandsinkerkthanxbai.

And that's what, as Shivering Jemmy said to the Dream King.
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