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hbp_chapters Reminder

With one day and some change to go, I'd just like to remind people about hbp_chapters, created for those of us who want to stop at chapter intervals and babble about what's happened so far in the book. To reiterate, you can read any of the posts and comments there that you like, anytime, but should not comment on a chapter's post if you have read further than that chapter--this is to avoid spoilers for those who aren't any further in the book.

Please note that if you look at the main page of hbp_chapters right now, you will see one thing there that very strict purists might consider spoilery: the number of chapters in HBP. I have deleted the extra posts as a source has told me the number.

(Note that the chapter titles aren't listed on the posts and they won't be. I remember how annoyed I was when my eye fell on the name of the last chapter in OotP as I was fumbling past the title pages to the first page of the story. Wouldn't do that to anyone!)
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