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Bring me unabashed boykissing!

Oh, man, everyone's squeeing about Brokeback Mountain (this is the trailer link that worked for me; it's a page containing a zip file wmv download)--guys, am I the only one so spoiled by slash fanfic that this trailer has me disappointed?

The fact that I found this link on a page devoted to Anne Hathaway tells it all. What the heck is Anne Hathaway doing featured in my anticipated gay cowboy movie? Shoot, I love Anne Hathaway, and that's the problem--if she's in the flick as a love interest she should get ANYONE she wants. Get out of my gay cowboy movie, Anne! Go make a gay cowgirl movie! Preferably with Keira Knightley, mmm, that'll work.

Ew, I wouldn't read a slash fanfic that features the plot that this film purports to have. I just wouldn't. It's exactly the kind of thing I trawl through slash in order to avoid. I'm not so naïve as to think this was gonna be a happy film, but if two guys in love are gonna run from each other in "I can't be gay" confusion, I don't want to see them running off to wives and having babies and then reuniting with their true loves, because once there are wives and babies in the picture I'm not cheering for you to get back together anymore, see? Once there are wives and babies it's not about "but this is my true LOVE"--you've got responsibilities and too many other people you're going to make unhappy. Especially if the wives look like Anne Hathaway. Dude, I'd feel the same way about a completely hetero movie.

Yup. Spoiled by fanfic. But I suspect I'm not the only one. Go watch. Tell me what you think.
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