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Meme with music sharing.

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List five songs you are currently digging.

a. Confrontation With Count Dooku and Finale, John Williams, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones soundtrack. John Williams rules. The AotC soundtrack is the only one of the six SW films whose finale does not end with the traditional "Dum, DUM! Da-da-da-dum!" notes of triumph. Go listen. It ends with the softest slip of Princess Leia's Theme, and underneath is the deepest, you'll-miss-it-if-you-have-the-wrong-settings-on-your-sound-system bass line of those nine distinctive notes of Darth Vader's Theme. It stays in a minor key. Goosepimples EVERY time.

b. Royal Courtship, by Al Stewart, A Beach Full of Shells. Yes, "Year of the Cat" Al Stewart. He just put out this album earlier this year. It sold itself to me when I heard a snippet of Gina In the King's Road (and that's really the one you should go hear)--but this track has a word in it you rarely see outside a few texts--and I've certainly never heard it as a lyric. The song begins: "I sent my major-domo to your amanuensis/ To ascertain your feelings, and strip away pretenses..." Yes, I was totally tickled.

c. I'm Still Here (Jim's Theme), John Rzeznik, Treasure Planet soundtrack. A lot of people have heard me lament how underrated this film is, in the canon of Disney films. It's marvelous, and this sequence featuring Jim and Silver (and Jim's flashback to his absent father) works perfectly for this song.

d. If Only, Fiction Plane, Holes soundtrack. Those of you who read the Newberry-award-winning Holes by Louis Sachar and then saw the film may know that it's one of those book-to-film translations that works wonderfully. Helps that Sachar wrote the screenplay himself. I love this reworking of the little folk song that runs through Sachar's story.

e. The Drunken Piper, Natalie MacMaster, Women of the World: Celtic II. I never get tired of modern Celtic music. This one's the first track on the album for a reason.
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