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Late to the party, but OMG Doctor Who!

I know I'm behind you timely folk, but I've finally seen the entire season of the Ninth Doctor. So. Much. Love. Oh, my god. I know everyone's had their season-long squees, which I avoided (and thank you all so much for keeping everything behind spoiler cuts; you're all SO nice), but now I'd really like to see them. Would you, could you, point me towards discussion posts of yours, especially essays or particularly good fanworks? Or if you want to initiate anything here because you're in the mood for more discussion, please be my guest!

This season renewed everything I've loved about Doctor Who since I first discovered it as a teen, with Tom Baker posters on my walls and everything. That ineffable, inestimable Doctor; how I adore him.

(I just watched thedivinegoat's lovely Building A Mystery vid. OMG so good.)
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