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Con report with anecdotes and lots of name-dropping and not even TEH DECENCY of a cut-tag.

Con report? I despair of getting even a tenth of all the highlights here. And I took no pictures. I never do. Because others did plenty, and their con reports are clever and detailed and you can go check those out and I'll be off the hook, whoo.

Fun? Beyond fun. I apologize to everyone who wanted a "Yes, I'm here for the slash" button and didn't get one; they were a hit and if I could have made more than the fifty I did end up distributing I would have. (And snapetoy has already decreed my punishment; more on that later.)

About what it's like to meet online friends in person: it's great. I know this from Convention Alley, and this time it felt as if I was an old hand at it, so at least I wasn't stammering in excited nervousness this time! Just squeeing. (And I've had the deep throaty voice all week that is just now starting to get those higher registers back. But I got off lightly, somehow missing the horrible cold that decided to fangirl everyone too.)

Someone had the tactlessness to look at the picture of all of us at the pornish_pixies gathering and post, "wow, you guys are all really OLD!" There was an ingenuousness to it, however, not a viciousness (despite her adding the words "and fat, eww" on her own lj), backed up by her admission that she was only seventeen (and shouldn't have been on p_p in the first place, but I digress).

There's a way to get that across with more tact, which is something I hope she learned. (She did apologize later.) Because it can be startling when you're seventeen and assume everyone else is too, to discover that ladies twice your age and more like Harry Potter smut too. I know this because in my own head, I am still fifteen years old and have glittery hair and look like I belong to House Sparklypoo. I mean, seriously. So this is how I envision all of you, because I know you are my peers and since I'm a Mary-Sue pixie, so are you all. Which means when I meet you guys there's this moment of, "Whoa, yes, that's right, everyone does look just like me--the real me, that is!" So I forgive that seventeen-year-old, as long as she's learned something from this.

(There was this tv news report recently, 'k? And they were, like, showing this thing on teenage smoking, 'k? And they showed this video of these two girls smoking outside their school, and one looked VERY much the way I did at fifteen. And my first reaction was, "Dude, I don't remember anyone with news cameras recently!" And my second reaction was, "Wait a minute, I don't smoke!" And it wasn't until my THIRD reaction that I thought, "Wait a minute, I don't look that young anymore!")

So at lunch on Sunday, nimori shows us this Lucius MPREG artwork she's done. It's hilarious and brilliant. Later we go to the fanartist booths and hang out, and not long after we get there I go off to the bathroom. While I'm in there, I hear sudden squeals and yells, and it builds, and it builds until there's this prolonged explosion of applause and whistles...and I think to myself, "Shit. Chris Rankin must have just walked in. And here I am in the bathroom missing it like Christine Lahti at the Emmys." I walk out, and what are they cheering for? Nimori's Lucius MPREG artwork. It was a glorious moment to hear and miscontrue, I'll tell ya.

I want you to envision this: You go into a pizza restaurant. You hand a loaf of bread to the gentleman at the counter. You ask him if he will toast the loaf of bread so that you can spread it with butter and Vegemite so that you can give all your new American friends a taste. Do they do this for you? If you are snapetoy, they not only do it, they fall over themselves in delight doing it for you.

Other highlights: Finally meeting and glomping isiscolo! The "get-a-room"-i-ness of mutually fangirling glockgal. gmth and nimori for everything, all the time; they know why. Having venivincere as a roommate! Live drabbling. Sulking when learning there is no food delivery to the hotel to be had after ten p.m. on Sunday; what's up with that? fyre_bird's rhyming prophecy drabble. The hp_dungeons Second Anniversary dinner (at which we played triva games, ate great food, and passed around fabularasa on the phone). Some great costumes from schoolgirls to Malfoys to a terrific Rita Skeeter. cordelia_v having a "Dumbledore made Snape do it!" t-shirt which I told her I loved and to which she responded, "This was your idea!" XD Encountering goseaward before I knew who she was when I complimented her laptop bag! reddwarfer being a huge MST3K fan. My purple-with-bats fleece blanket and other crafty gifts from jenna_thorn! logospilgrim's heartfelt "Snape is not ambiguous" presentation. Maria's Sweet Somethings ice cream/candy store and their dark chocolate peanut butter cups. "I &hearts Snarry Intercourse." Getting a mench from smaragdgrun at a panel for one of the naughtiest stories in my repertoire! Artists' booths. Glomping the adorableness of waccawheels. Plotting RPG interaction with jjtaylor. Remembering to bring an UMBRELLA. fiendling's metal anthem serenade. Nicknaming marksykins "Veronica Marks." That great Quidditch shirt with art by Glock and Karen Hallion. The fabulous weather on Friday, at least. And ellen_fremedon and neotoma and dementordelta and emmagrant01 and spiderine and cursive and femmequixotic and kaiz and ze_dragon and bethbethbeth and luthien and ringspells and idlerat and lurvesnape and stinaleigh and jadziahp and cjmarlowe and themostepotente and cathybites and tbranch and geoviki and merioddities and ziasudra_fic and titti and lyricalnights and shaggirl and scarah2 and violet_quill and lauriegilbert and sherant and Kia and gatewaygirl and bowdlerized and bzzinglikeneon and arsenicjade and nmalfoy and ani_besterand anjenue and novembersnow and, oh, if I've left anyone out, tell me so that I can beat myself. All of cluegirl and especially the back of cluegirl's dress. The pictures of the ball do not do us a tenth justice, guys. Everyone was GORGEOUS.

I won't tell you about the gorgeous artwork I got until I have my scanner software set up. Because it would not be fair until then.

But I will show you my ficlet for Snapetoy. Shortly. And she's gonna smack me like a bitch, but it's her own fault for asking for fluff. ^_^
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