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Updated website with recommendations!

Hey, I got the rec's page done at my website! The first set of them, anyway. There's still one story unlinked because adultfanfiction has been down, but when it's up again I'll take care of that.

This was quite a project in itself; I did not know whether to post raves, summaries, quotes, or entertaining yarns about my reactions to their wonderfulness. It seemed like a combination of all of those things worked best, so, I sort of went with what felt right for each.

I'm sure within a day I'll be kicking myself and going "D'oh!" at something fabulous that I left out. But I plan to post more as I encounter/remember them.

Also, they're not in any kind of order, because sorting them by pairing or rating or category just didn't feel right to me. If any of you find it annoying or confusing please feel free to let me know; I can revise that in the future if it makes people happier.

Take a look when you have time:
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