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FIC: Sanguine, a Serpent Knotted Sable (Harry/Lucius, NC-17, non-con, 20,000 words)

Hey, where did darkasphodel go? I want to thank her again for my Smutmas present! Come back and I will give you more smooches. ^_^ There, there's motivation (I hope).

I haven't had any fic announcements here for a couple of months, and that's because everything I've written has been tied up in anonymous fic exchanges. merry_smutmas has had Teh Big Reveal, so, I can share that one with you now.

Sanguine, a Serpent Knotted Sable (direct link to my website is here) was written for fiendling, is Harry/Lucius and NC-17, and one of my longer pieces: just over 20,000 words. There's some kinda intense non-con in this one, including some kinks I've never written before, such as needleplay.

In a few days I will likely post a bit of meta on it: what the title's about, what I was aiming for, how I still lack perspective on its worth and other writerly insecurities. Like you do.
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