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Gorgeous stuff...

Yesterday was so much bliss I might die of it. Or do something stupid that will result in my death, like fail to notice oncoming traffic...

Besides thegraybook's DV 13, prillalar's In Love, monochromal's Still Life, and The Park Bench by Plumeria, there was the incredible illustrated version of isiscolo's Severus Looks In The Mirror, drawn by brevisse.
(cut and paste if geocities is being a butt-pain)

I am still losing it over this. GOD. I had just put this drabble on my list of favorite stories in the fandom, and THIS...

Look at how desperately CUTE everything is even as it breaks your heart. Severus's face, managing to be geekily handsome but still big-nosed, his hair always falling in his eyes...the repetition of the small picture in the upper corner for the beginning of each thought-- I love the one with miserable dishevelled Severus rubbing at his left arm, and then there's the one with teenage Lucius Malfoy, yay!-- and its conspicuous absence in the last the Remus/Severus image is the sweetest thing ever... Sirius Black spying on him in that frame...check out the Death Eater mask discarded on the floor next to him as he looks at the image of himself with Voldemort... and that picture of robe-less Severus walking out of the doors, free in a way that looks as if he's spreading wings...

Oh, I can't stop looking at this, I can't.
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