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FIC: Crazy Man Michael (Harry/Snape, NC-17): For Snarry Olympics!


Well, this is certainly a way to break my suspense. Um, I was all ready to post a broad "snarry_games posting has begun!" intro post, but it seems I must needs go one step further:

snarry_games posting has begun with my very own fic as the first entry, goodness me.

If it would please you to read angsty Snarry, then do follow the link at the bottom to my fic, Crazy Man Michael. And if you're in the mood for romantic Snarry or more Snarry (and I hope you are, 'cos there's lots of it coming this month--angst and romance both!), I mustn't neglect to point you to the fic of my opponent-in-competition, libby_drew's Somewhere Behind The Morning. I haven't read any of her stories before this, but rest assured, I will, because it's darned good. Darnit. *smiles and waves like silver medalist*

Read, and if you will, fill out the poll at the bottom and give us our marks on appropriateness/team theme/appeal. (Yes, friends'n'neighbors, today YOU get to be the Russian judge, if you so desire! Er, unless you're Russian. Which a lot of you are. In that case, you can be the...the Ruritanian judge! I so decree.)

Title: Crazy Man Michael
Author: Amanuensis (amanuensis1)
Pairing: Harry/The Half-Blood Prince
Rating: NC-17
Categories: Drama/Angst
Summary: "O, where is the raven that I struck down dead?"
A/N: Based on the ballad of the same name, lyrics here. For the 2006 Snarry Olympics Angst Team, prompt "Masquerade." Just under 5,000 words. Many thanks to cluegirl for beta duty and to all the members of Team Angst who made suggestions.

(Sometimes, in rare moments when he cannot summon the rage to thrust the thoughts away, Harry allows himself to remember the Half-Blood Prince.)
Tags: fic
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