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The proof one's in love: the auto-songfic phenomenon.


Last night and this morning, I fell in love.

Some of you know fabularasa is writing an original novel, and, lemme tell ya, her fanfiction's no fluke, if you had any doubts. She's as amazing within her own original storyverses as her she's ever been in another's, which is pretty effing fabulous, all you Snape/Black fans know.

So I was up to, what, chapter eight yesterday--I was already hooked, but had been going at it slowly, because I'd been sending feedback with each chapter and wanted to do it right--and found myself in unable-to-stop mode. I couldn't call it a night, last night, until I'd read past the book's climax. And today, I found myself wandering around in a fog of the book, following up yesterday's chapter-by-chapter feedback to her with further emails, thinking about places in the book where I'd had suggestions, and how to make them work...I dozed off at one point today and found I'd dreamed about the characters, fergossakes.

And the clincher came a short bit ago, when I listened to a song and started seeing the bloody video featuring the characters in my head. The song was "Walking In Memphis," and the book has nothing to do with Memphis, the book has nothing to do with walking or anything the bloody lyrics describe, it was just one of those inevitable "all songs that move you remind you of your love" moments--gah. I'm hooked. I'm in love.

(It's total coincidence that I got to tell her all this on her birthday. I never remember birthdays; I suck.)

This book is amazing and her talents are amazing. I'm dyin' to hold the published work in my hands.

(And Happy Birthday, dearest.)
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