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FIC: Scrimgeour's Man by Amanuensis (Harry/Scrimgeour, NC-17, dub-con, ~4000 words)

Title: Scrimgeour's Man
Author: Amanuensis
Pairing: Harry/Scrimgeour
Rating: NC-17
Category: PWP
Warnings: Dub-con
Summary: The Minister takes advantage of a desperate petitioner.
A/N: Thanks to florahart and cluegirl for the lightning-fast beta. Written for the pornish_pixies Fantasy Fest Spring 2006, for this prompt of a_brighter_dawn's: Scrimgeour/Harry, Harry needs the Ministry's help and Scrimgeour wants something in return; naked!Harry being f***ed over the Minister's desk by clothed!Scrimgeour. About 4000 words.

('Mr. Potter,' said the Minister for Magic, 'I hardly think the issue of your socks is the battle you want to choose at this moment.')
Tags: fic, slash
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