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Slutboi alien tease. Hee. *loves all those icons*

So, I don't really want to be writing Doctor Who fanfiction; I like reading the occasional bit but I'm not seized to go off from the Potterverse for anything extended, but the non-vanilla Doctor Whofest sponsored by th_esaurus made me grin at the concept (Who fanfiction suffers, it seems, from a plethora of nice vanilla porn and not nearly enough kinky filth) and bunnied me a little, so, I figure if I share the idea here it will get the concept off my chest. I imagine this broad snapshot of what is a TARDIS-housed orgy, full of crosstime-fetched companions and a Doctor incarnation or six, plus some good villains, all of them accoutred and moaning and chasing each other about in horny glee, and we learn from the Doctor's (interrupted) verbal observations that the TARDIS's Platonia Drive has failed temporarily; this is the safety feature that insures that all non-Time Lords who travel in the TARDIS are completely uninclined to act on any romantic urges while in the company of the TARDIS's operator, because, y'know, you can't have the Time Lords spreading their offspring through the cosmos and messing with natural genetic drift. And the Doctor estimates it'll be at least eighteen hours before the Drive repairs itself, and there'd be some last line in the story about how he hopes it hurries, because the last time this happened he ended up saddled with a granddaughter (who's probably currently having it off with a Cyberman in gold handcuffs, don't ask).

There, I feel better!
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