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A couple of comments on past news...

You know, even if I'd arrived at that fandom love meme in time to respond to the comments individually, I couldn't've. Wouldn't've been able to. There is only so much praise that one can hear about oneself without being reduced to alsdjkfalsjfal;ffka;sl brain go SPLODEY, okay? It's like the Arc of the Covenant or something; you shouldn't look because it's so beautiful it'll kill ya. At the least it'll swell your head until you're at risk of believing you're actually hot stuff, which is, yeesh, ever so dangerous.

Everyone who left such turboblushingly wonderful comments--don't be put off my flip tone. I read them, I "eep!"'ed, I had to hide my face in my hands. I saved the page so that I can go back to them when I'm having a tough day. Oh, yes. But I don't think I can ever express my thanks individually. Words wouldn't be enough and I'd dissolve in a puddle before I could get them out. I heart all of you intensely.


Regarding the "interview" I posted a few days back, as I said to a number of responders, it's not precisely what I believe is in JKR's head, nor am I trying to communicate that it's how I've always felt about the Harry/Ginny romance in the book. Rather, it's my most positive spin on the handling of the romance, one that can make me say, "Ah. Well, if that's what was intended, I understand. I may not have preferred it, but I understand." I'm one of those guilty people that I cited, wanting any romance Harry embarks on to have deep significance, and feeling that the romance between Harry and Ginny lacked that. Perhaps JKR thinks it did have deep significance, and perhaps she plans to bring them back together at the conclusion of Book 7. Perhaps she agrees with the "interview" position I posed, that they were meant to be a sweet teenage hormonal romp and nothing epic. I think if it were the latter, though, and if she had explained it like that in her post-HBP interview, the number of readers dissatisfied with the way the romance was executed--not only H/Hr 'shippers but a significant number of H/G 'shippers plus a good chunk of people who hadn't cared in the first place--might have been appeased.
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