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Meta for "Hero Worship"

Some meta thoughts for Hero Worship:

An element I noted I was using in this story is the frequent repetition, in dialogue, of Harry's name. Now, ordinarily that's not an element; I think of it as an error, usually. Writers do it too frequently until they learn not to. They feel the need to identify the speakers every so often, or they like the power of having one speaker call the other by name. Problem is, no one speaks like that as a rule. You may spend an entire day with a person and rarely ever say their name aloud in the conversation. I've tried, more recently, to write dialogue without the characters throwing around each other's names at all--the default being never, and each such use looked at with a heavily critical eye.

In this particular story, though, it was an element. Notice that Harry gets not one word of spoken dialogue; only the Creeveys do. The longer paragraphs of spoken text are all run-on, all dialogue-fueled descriptions of what they're doing to Harry, and are meant to show how they just run roughshod over his protests, how they twist everything so that Harry's objections hit a wall and the brothers can feed him their specious logic and carry him onward. Their repetition of Harry's name rings of Now, now, Harry--a soothing, calming litany where his name is reassurance, the verbal petting of a skittish animal.

This was one of those stories where I tapped into my own existing fantasies. God, do I have this one. All the time. Not as Harry/Creevey brothers, mind; that was how silvernighttwin wanted it tailored, though, and I was happy to use his/her vision of the characters to get my own fantasy into text. My own version of this is femmeslash. And, I could have gone on longer with this story, believe me. Thing is, I wanted to keep something of it back for two reasons: 1) There's a strong likelihood I'll want to write something similar as original erotica at some point, and 2) Once I write out a private fantasy too completely, it can send the fantasy in my head to the Dead Fantasy Office, which is not too tragic if it makes room for new ones, but seems a pity for one that's so very tried and true, which I'm sure you'll understand.
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