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FIC REC: The Way We Live Now by kabeyk

So, yeah, while I like the idea of Snape/Lupin in theory, I'm not usually one to seek out fic for it. I get this Truffaut-esque sense of quietness with the pairing, which is not how I usually want my smut. (It's the Eddie Izzard "I've been arranging matches," "I think I'd...better go," "Yes, I think you better had," narrative, when I'm looking for his "Alla time in here with the f**king matches! You f**k my wife? You f**k my wife?" "I AM your wife!" sort of porn.)

Apparently all that's needed is to throw Draco into the mix. I'm overwhelmed by kabeyk's fabulously literate The Way We Live Now, Remus/Severus/Draco, which never stops being snarkily delicious and funny and hot as all-get-out. It's a relatively short piece, posted on pornish_pixies, and there's affectionate-when-he's-sneering!Snape and don't-doubt-he's-the-Alpha!Remus and sarcastic-even-when-he's-scared!Draco. Go have a look.
Tags: fic recs, slash
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