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A bit of piratical self-promotion on this appropriate day

Arrr, seems a good time to show off my "Velvet Jenny the Cabin Boy" icon, and mention that I'm nominated for a few categories in The Sorting Hat. Besides my paltry contributions, there's some really good stuff nominated there, including some of my favorite fanfics of all time, so, if you're keen on themed HP fic such as Dark Lord Harry, Slavery, Voldemort Wins, Forced Marriage (all big draws for me!), check them out. Stories by fabularasa and cluegirl and rushlight75 and stellahobbit and lexin and mahaliem and geoviki and copperbadge and geneticallydead and lots lots more!

These are my nominated stories:

Forced Marriage category: The Worst Happiest Day of His Life (Harry/Draco, R)

Mpreg category: As Sharp as Sunlight (Sirius/Snape, Harry/Lucius, NC-17)

Slavery category: A Spell to Turn Tigers to Butter (Harry/Snape, Harry/Lucius, NC-17)

Voldemort Wins category: And Just Plain Wrong (Harry/Snape, Harry/Lucius, Harry/Draco, Harry/Voldemort/Snape, NC-17)

Go browse! Go vote!
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