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Fanart plugs (including some you can buy!)

Some nifty things in the HP fanart world:

naked_bee's entry in the snarry_games is something I don't see often in fanart: a photo shoot, and it's so cool. Dungeon and nekkidwounded!Harry and Snape with potion bottles, oh my! What's more, I pestered naked_bee for the story behind the shoot and the models, and she spilled! If you'd like to read all about how she recruited her husband (and made him shave his beard) and her neighbor colleague (who pretended to be shocked and offended), check out the thread here.

And pinkelephant42 has created the loveliest subtle piece of Harry/Draco fanart here. When I saw it, I thought it was, I dunno, a bird? Or a butterfly? And then I looked again. And fell in "omg!" love. And I loved it so I pestered (been pestering a lot, obviously) pinkelephant42 to set up a Café Press store for this piece, because, man, I totally want to flaunt this one to the mundanes. To know that they're looking at that thing and doing the "bird? Butterfly?" cocked-head thing and not know that there's HP slash right in their faces, man. And if you like it too, go pester her to add more stuff to the store!
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