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Fic Rec: Some Ways of Having Loving by marseverlasting (Sirius/Regulus)

Here's something I don't want people to miss: Some Ways of Having Loving, by marseverlasting. Sirius/Regulus, about 12,000 words, rated R. This is just lush. That's really the best word for prose like this, rich and descriptive and beautiful, full of metaphor that has you falling in love with whatever's being described. And for most of the story, that's Regulus, as Sirius looks at his cherished younger brother. There's teaching your brother to shave in this, guys, and it's more sensual than nine-tenths of the sex scenes out there.

(It's written for hp_fairytales and takes its inspiration from Oscar Wilde's The Birthday of the Infanta, but you don't need even a lick of knowledge about that to enjoy this.)
Tags: fic recs, slash
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