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Yes, even after the whole coitus interruptus thing of book 6.

That "fandom relationship" meme that's going around? Okay. Here's mine.

1. You're it. It's fun to go out occasionally after work and hit the oyster bar with a friend, and have a bit of conversation over a half-dozen Malpeques. But after? I want to come home to you. First you were a gorgeous set of spine dimples above a backless spangled dress, then I grew to love you even more when you were in flannel pajamas sprawled in front of the tv. You taught me what it means to commit to a relationship, both when it was easy and when it became tough to soldier on. After all this time, the sight of your jacket lying askew on my couch still makes my heart go pitter-pat. Yours is the hand I want to hold when we board the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World, yours is the hair I want to hold back from your face when stomach flu has you being sick in the toilet, yours is the phone call I want at 4pm asking me if I want you to pick up mango ice cream on the way home. You are the reason any time I spend away from you is just my "day job." Here's to another four years, darling. Put on the flannel pajamas with the Hello Kitty print; I'm bringing home oysters. Rowr!

So, yeah, that's, um, it.
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