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Pretty, predatory slashpic by Laura Zel. Mmmmmm. (And it's Christmasy!)

Okay, I'm participating in only two ficfests this end-of-year; I'm doing my best to make one of the deadlines on time and the other a little bit after the deadline (if you don't know which one who you are, you're the one for which I'm hoping to be on time); I have resisted the urge to join any others, but the picture for this one? NNNNNNNG. Okay, that's enough to make me wanna join the Tom/Harry winter ficathon right there. I can post up to the end of December; the minimum is 100 words; I should...keep it mind, shouldn't I? Nnnnnng.

Yes, all the links go to the same thing. What? I don't want to hotlink and it's a fest! Needs pluggins!
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