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Feeling a little more satisfied today.

So why should we care what actors think or say, right?

Well, this time I'm happy because it's HP related, and so gives me a chance to go off tangentially on something I've wanted to voice in some forum or other.

So, Dan Radcliffe says he's not religious at all. Does that matter? Is he some voice of authority? No, of course not. (A better question might be, why did the interviewer ask in the first place?) But he's just another guy living his life, like all of us living our lives, and I really don't know how nervy it was to say that sort of thing in Australia or how it will play out in the UK.

It's certainly a loaded issue in the U.S. Seems you can't ask any entertainer that kind of question without them saying that they thank God every day for their gifts and and their fortune. In fact, I think that most interviewers wouldn't ask it, because an answer that doesn't sound all formulary like that might net the entertainer bad press. Most of the time if that subject comes up it's not done in entertainment interviews, but rather in times of tragedy and crisis with your average joe-on-the-block.

And a religionormative (forgive the invented word) society grates on me these days. I want some equal time for the agnostics and atheists. I want, when the newsanchor says to the loved ones of a missing family member, "Well, our prayers are with you," for the loved ones to say back, "Actually, if everyone who's praying could maybe stop praying and come here and help us search, it'd be more useful; prayers may be making you feel better but they're not helping us." When the newsanchor asks a set of grieving family members if anything is giving them comfort, I'd like to see them say, "Well, we know that s/he wasn't taken from us because of some plan of God's or anything like that. We know it was just one of those terrible things that happens randomly in the world, and we are comforted by knowing that." And when someone says to a person who's lost a loved one, "They're waiting for you in heaven," I want them to feel it's okay to say, "And you know, if they're not, that's okay, because one day I'll be dead too and I won't be sad over it anymore, because I'll be, well, dead." (Yes, I've said that last to people. Gently, but I've said it.)

It's baby steps like Dan's honesty that give me hope. Thanks lots, Dan. &hearts
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