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Non-HP FICLET: History (R, 118 words)

Non-HP drabble! Just a weensy dabble into another storyverse, because sometimes the bunnies, they bite.

Title: History
Fandom/Characters: It's a surprise!
Rating: R for...themes.

History is going to say very bad things about him, and that's not fair at all. All that name-calling. No one's ever understood him.

Well, perhaps Clarice. She doesn't hide her revulsion, but she understands. Or pretends to, for her own safety's sake. Which she should know isn't necessary. Clarice, he'll never hurt. Even if he can't allow her to leave him. She's his one bright golden constant.

He thinks of gold, and of silver, and remembers other former friends. Ah, well.

The fat old man and his wife had beautifully marbled meat on them, but they're only bones now. Time to make a selection from his other captives.

And as usual, Hermey insists on keeping the teeth.

Happy effin' Holidays, dear flist. ^_^
Tags: non-hp fic
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