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FIC: A Bright Cold Day In April (Hermione/Ginny, NC-17, non-con) (Merry Smutmas fic)

The big merry_smutmas reveal has taken place! It was kennahijja who wrote the divine Spinning Out of Control for me, which, biased though I may be, I say is in the very very very top few of all of the stories written for this year's fest. Written exactly to my specs, we've got Lucius and other eeevil Death Eaters, AU-and-morally-neutral!Sirius, defiant-unbroken-but-cruelly-used!Harry...c'mon, you know I loved this.

And a couple of people did peg mine! ariadneelda and geoviki, give yourselves pats on the back for guessing I did actually write femmeslash this time.

A Bright Cold Day In April, a present for ginny___weasley, who requested some Ginny/Hermione non-con with Ginny as the aggressor. It's about 7,000 words, angsty/dark with a bit of a Dom/sub feel to the consensual bits. If you feel like giving femmeslash a try, check it out. ^_^

(Might have a little meta on it later, too.)
Tags: femmeslash, fic
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