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Spam subject o' the day, and a poll.

So the header said:

and barbell be trollop or probe and vestibule be arsenide

And I thought, I'm sure I wrote that fic.

On the same subject, have any of the rest of you have written fics because you came up with a kick-ass title and thought it deserved fic? And how many of you have a list of titles that are waiting for you to write them fic?

Spill a little for me, here. Tell me the title that you love but have realized is never going to get fic written for it, because it's lingered too long and the idea you had for it is too stale. (Don't reveal the ones you're still sitting on, or before you know it someone will have run off with it.) Mine is And Melisande, By the Water which was going to be Lucius/Hermione and has a "file created" date of January 2003, and whose "last modified" date is exactly the same.

Tell me yours! Maybe we can have a title swap. ^_^
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