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The "I wish I could quit you--you know what? I have," Television post.

Lost -It has nothing to do with shark-jumping; I'm just at the point where I can let you go. Those two characters finally hooked up, so that tension's over; let me pretend they skipped off hand-in-hand and lived a breadfruit-and-campfire Blue Lagoon existence. And for the record, I'm not keen on seeing how Locke got into that wheelchair; his backstory's crappy enough.

Prison Break - aw, man, I'm trying to leave you. But I can't quite yet. Every single episode, it's all, "We have a plan, we have everything all planned." And then it all goes to hell and Michael never has a plan B, ever, and has to pull it out of spit and thin air right on the spot. It's addicting. And how the hell did T-Bag go from "that scum please let him get killed" to "T-Bag, you delightful bastard, please let him not get caught just yet!", I ask you?

The Black Donnellys - I saw the pilot. I really liked the pilot. I am satisfied with the pilot, really, it was like a 45-minute movie that needs no more exposition, I got it. We're done here.

Justice -It's gone, too bad. No more chances to see Spy Daddy Victor Garber act like I'll hurt myself on the steeliness of his cock/eyes/posture/allasamething if I try to get around him, nossir.

Battlestar Galactica - No chance I'm bailing here. In one more hour of television, I will know, I anticipate, what's up with the fate of, y'know, that character. And even if that does remain unsatisfying there're enough plot threads all through this thing to keep me. I had the chance to get the answers on a spoiler site and I just took one peek and then closed it right up, no no no no I will wait. I'm glad the season's ending, though; television's got me really exhausted.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip -This is my FAVORITE show this season, and I hate being teased like this. They're going to show the last six episodes? They're not? The show's cancelled? It's as good as cancelled? Maybe not? ARRRGH. Okay, just give me the series on DVD after you kill it, and I'll sit over here and nurse my bruises.

Ugly Betty -You're funny.. But baby, I'm so tired, and I need plot that doesn't involve shocker sex change operations. And the humiliation factor has gone over my threshold.

Vanished -I'm glad you were taught your lesson, writers: don't kill off your most interesting character because you're not getting the ratings. I bailed before the network did.

Sons and Daughters -Doesn't anyone remember this little comedy? I'm sorry they killed it.

Kidnapped -You were even less clever than Vanished. I'm glad it's cancelled. I liked the kid, though.

Veronica Mars -I do love this show to pieces; Veronica and her dad have had the best sparring/affectionate dialogue on television for three years. I hope they give it another year.

Numb3rs -I may waffle on this one for a bit, but I never got over the cast switch after season one. I love my Charlie but I just don't think he's enough.

24 - I've seen every minute of Jack Bauer that was ever produced; "Dammit, Chloe!" is part of my everyday vocabulary. I LOVE YOU JACK YOU ARE MY HURT/COMFORT BOYFRIEND.

The Office -How is it that this show has never crossed my humiliation threshold? Probably because Michael deserves every minute of it. I have no other comedies on my schedule, so, it stays.

The Riches- Oh, hell. First five minutes and I am so hooked. Eddie Izzard fakin' an American accent (listen to him say, "Yeah, a bit," ha) and Minnie Driver and her strangely beautiful Novocain cheeks was enough to get me to tune in. And now I gotta keep watching. Hell.

Doctor Who, The Shield, Torchwood- I'm ready! Bring on the next season!
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