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Snarry Games Team Wartime pimpin' post

The snarry_games open this weekend.

You should go read all the stories as they're posted.

Why should you do this?

Because of Team Wartime.

Why should you do this because of Team Wartime? I'll give you thirty-four reasons.

nimori, angelsotherlove, and meri_oddities.

cluegirl, imogenedisease, and montana_dan.

bethbethbeth, briarwolf, and vain_chan.

acid, sinick, and treewishes.

eeyore9990, elfwreck, and synn.

femmequixotic, lixetrax, and dacro.

pir8fancier, escapisms, and daylyn.

loupgarou1750, captain_tulip, and perfica.

rexluscus, joanwilder, and aqua_alta.

venivincere, naatz, and atrata.

themostepotente, ziasudra_fic, and auctasinistra.


...What's that you say? That Team Postwar has fine authors/artists on its list too?

Pooh. Let 'em do their own advertising.
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