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I mean, if you hear, "I heard Harry dies" one day and "I heard Harry lives" the next...?

Okay, is this idea:

1. right on


2. totally cruel and evil?

What do you think about intentionally starting a rumor mill regarding Deathly Hallows, not to be done cruel-spiritedly, but to be done protectively, so that those of us who are freaky about spoilers will soon no longer be able to tell one rumor from another and can happily disregard all future rumors as, "Hey, I don't believe any rumors, since I started half of them."

From my no-spoiler viewpoint, this sounds like a kindness. Though I recognize that for those who believe every rumor they hear it would be cruel, I'd anticipate that would be balanced by the number of completely contradictory rumors that would surface. And for those who are actively interested in spoilers that are true, they might dislike this idea, but I'm so anti-spoiler it's hard for me to sympathise, I admit.

But I don't want to do it if all it will do is blow up in wank, a la the Pillar of Storgé. If that happens, there will be no use defending it as "all in fun"; there never is.

So, go on. Tell me what you think.
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