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A ficlet. Maxidrabble. Something. PG, Voldemort-centric.

Born of a prompt on hpshortfics, using song lyrics.

Prompt by femmequixotic: someday somebody's gonna ask you a question that you should say yes to once in your life

"Take him," said Voldemort, and six of his Death Eaters did just that, laying hands upon Severus Snape and dragging him to the lip of the Pit.

His struggles were token, but there was, interestingly, honest disgust upon his traitor's face. Voldemort smiled to see it as he came forward. "Yes, Severus? You have some pronouncement you wish to make, before I send you to the same beyond as your bearded leader and your boy hero? Say it. I am curious."

"As am I." It did not hold enough bitterness to be a snarl. "I would like to know if you ever felt a shred of fondness for any creature in your life. Even for that snake you call pet," Severus spat. "I would like to know if there is any part of you that was ever human, Riddle."

Fondness. No, it was too damning an emotion, was it not. He might have let himself become fond of Severus, even, had he been capable of it, and then where would he be? Hesitating to do what must be done, no doubt.

"No," he said simply, and shoved.
Tags: fic, hp
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