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GIP and Recs Page Clean-Up

For those of you who've said you won't read Deathly Hallows if certain undesired events happen (whatever those may be), I give you this icon.

Also, I have a badge which reads, "The internet is the largest library in the world, but the books are on the floor and some of them are burning," and I learn just how true that is when I look at my recs page. Jeebus. Three out of four links on that page are broken. I've spent a few days revising it, and while there aren't any actual new links so I don't want to bill it as an "update," at least the links that are there should work now. For as long as it lasts. And a number of the stories--I can't find them anywhere at all, any longer. For those stories that are listed that have no link, I'm glad to email my saved copies to anyone who'd like to read them. (And if you do have working links, for goodness' sake let me know!)
Tags: hp, icons
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