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Icons, speculation, and a bit of different, positive news.

Icons for sharing.

(If anyone has any other slogan requests I'll be glad to take 'em.)

Thing is, I can understand the principle behind Livejournal's concerns--not just protecting children in real life, of course; I mean one step beyond that, the concerns about what's reflected in the list of LJ Interests and how that might be interpreted. If a user says their Interests include, "abuse of children, underage sex partners, and rape,"--okay, I can see how Livejournal might say, "This is kind of problematic for us; do you think you could eliminate this or amend it to clarify that you mean purely in a fictional or artistic sense?" Which is why, in my discussions when all this was just rumor a few days ago, I speculated that "Blackcest" or "Wincest" or "rapefic" should have been, if not completely safe from attack, at least comfortably clear that they're couched in fiction. Jargon does help. Even "non-con" could have a hundred different interpretations (non-conformist, non-conflict, the Committee to Eliminate Boring But Required Conferences, etc.), and proves the usefulness of jargonese in these matters.

My anger stems from Livejournal's lack of any such warning or request. Which is the song I will be singing over and over to whatever parties need to hear it sung until Livejournal unsuspends pornish_pixies, thankyouverymuch. As I said, did not disappear, but that was because its involved parties were willing to stand up for it. What I can do, I want to. Starting with icon-making, I guess.

Kind of wild that "Interests" has become as loaded a term as "Friends" has been for Livejournal and Livejournal participants.

Did anyone else, by the way, dream about this all night? In my dreams I kept refreshing lj to see if the strike-through had disappeared. Sometimes it had.

And, just so this journal doesn't turn into doom-and-gloom entirely for the next few days, a bit of good news! The U.S. film release of OotP has been moved up to Wednesday, July 11--which might even mean there will be Tuesday midnight shows. This is especially good news for me as I'm gonna be on a plane out of the U.S. on Thursday the 12 (heading to a non-English-speaking country for a few days) and didn't think I'd get to see it until I get into England for Sectus early the following week. So, a very large yay on that!
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