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We Overcame. ^_^


Ah, how lovely that looks without the strike-through!

These are the people I want to commend especially for their behavior during this short but all-consuming crisis:

femmequixotic, of course, for her incredible, hold-it-together, take-action, keep-everyone-informed while still-only-human-and-fragile-and-tender and milk-of-human-kindness-forgiving, sheer outstanding modliness.

ataniell93, whose level-headedness spoke out not only for journals that housed our fiction, but for journals representing fictional RPG characters.

Mr. Berkowitz, for not hiding behind useless apology but acknowledging the blunder and rectifying the situation. (You guys may continue to be angry at Six Apart for the way the whole thing began in the first place, and you'd be right to be, but he has acted well under the circumstances.)

Everybody who spoke up, on their own journals, on news, in phone calls to Six Apart, to express their displeasure.

smut_wednesday, daily_snitch, hp_art_daily, hogwarts_today, and the other communities and journals who soldiered on with their usual schedules to bring us the content that fandom is all about.

We are Fandom. We are a force to be reckoned with. ^_^
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